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Session One - One Mule For Brother Bodin

Upside Down, Beneath The Stone Part One

Campaign Date – Start: Wodan 13th. End: Wodan 13th / Kalvostar

Story So Far - One Mule for Brother Bodin

Our players – heretofore called the Soraxy's Most Wanted (SMW), have joined the tail end of a tide of humanity fleeing northern Soraxy – in particular those escaping the fall of the City of Kolnever. 

The players are (in order of casting):

  • the Painted Outcast - Anther of Ulcastor Bridge (Neil),
  • the Queen's Spy - Conrad Ulcaros (John),
  • the Greycloak Outlaw – Colwyn O'Mara (Kyle),
  • the Oathbreaker - Bodin Skaddir (Aaron),
  • the excommunicated Knight – Oswald Jewelspider (Aidan) 
  • the Apostate Cleric – Brother Chogan Holovar (Stuart).

Desperate to escape the vengeful southern Bluecloak armies and their zealot allies the SMW encounter a band of rogue Bluecloak soldiers who have turned brigand and prey on the desperate refugees fleeing along the Ice March.  The players intervene and a little bit of a heated debating takes place.  Conrad introduces the Bluecloak leader to the relaxing effects of a mud face pack causing his saddle straps to unbuckle with the application of a deftly applied "mage hand" spell. Intent only on helping him to his feet he then sticks his sword in and possibly a boot.

Anther, champion sneaky bastard of Ulcastor Bridge fives years running, introduces a Bluecloak soldier to his blade. Brother Chogan piously asks for Arun's blessing for these strangers – not entirely convinced this motley band deserve it, or that the shifty looking Anther can be trusted not to steal it - should he get it. Colwyn enjoys the chance to ventilate a few Bluecloaks and the world is now less a few Bluecloaks.

The Bluecloaks intent on holding up their side of the debate charge our players with one unsporting chap thinking its polite to charge on horseback at a man on foot armed with a bow.  Two hardy souls decide they like not the way Bodin is looking at their mule with a speculative, inquisitive gaze and charge upon him to make red war. Bodin "see's" their red war and "raises" them one Vargontine halberd to the head. 

Needless to say Bodin for the school of hard knocks wins round one of that debate.

The Bluecloak attempting to ride down Colwyn the Outlaw learns the hard way  what happens when sling stone meets helmet and he takes a tumble from his horse thanks to the intervention of the Knight Spider. The mans fate is sealed further when he is introduced to an arrow in the back from Colwyn.

The fight is over when Brother Chogan decides to take a practical turn to spreading the Celriadic Faith and introduces the Bluecloak leader to his mace. With the fight over it is time for the victors to take the spoils – six dead chickens, one bag chicken feed, four live chickens, a number of household knick knacks, a passive aggressive anniversary present and surely mans best friend for carrying loot - Rosie the Saintly Mule.

Bodin, a man with a good eye for a mule decides Rosie the Magnificent must be his and so a plan begins to form in his mind.

Sadly Rosie departs with her owner/ Little Kestor of Chilcoop, not to be confused with Big Kestor – currently face down in the dirt with an arrow in his back. Bodin knows that mule shall not get far, he shall have his day and his mule.

An interrogation of a captured Bluecloak reveals the armies of the south marshal close by – though Spider, Bodin and the Outlaw feel confident they are more than a match for a thousand heavy horse (and surely vying for first place in the optimists of the year awards).  Although the Outlaw allows he may not have enough arrows…

The SMW catch up with Little Kestor and Rosie and begin a deep planning session on how to approach the fraught muleteer and his skittish young charge.  Bodin fails his "mule acquisition" saving throw and charges straight in.  Fortunately Spider and Conrad manage to calm down the situation and the band acquire limited intelligence on the Bluecloak supply train but better still they gain themselves a mule handler and the glorious Rosie the Mule.

Bodin is happy, but he does not like the way the mule handler looks upon his mule. 

The SMW decide to head to Icestone a day through the hills to the north and find a way to destroy the bridge once they and the other refugees have crossed. Arriving in Icestone they find that it rates very poorly on  Trip Advisor and decide to offer it one star upon discovering the town has barred its gates to all traffic crossing the river from the east.

The players uncover that the town ceased to allow refugee traffic five days ago, but did allow the strongest of the refugees to go on a quest on behalf of the town Aldermen. The players find a young heiress of the Duchy of Darabon alone and trying to lead the refugees and maintain order and leadership in extreme circumstances.  They also encounter the rather grim faced Captain of the Icestone watch – Sybil Harvime who has been ordered to clear a barricade the refugees had erected on the bridge to try and force the town to talk to them.

Sybil Harvime leads the players into the town and they meet the Aldermen.  The speaker for the triumvirate a man by the name of Angus Culdeen <u>(players don't think you caught his name)</u> discover that the refugees sent on the mission were dispatched to investigate a missing prospector and a newly discovered iron source in the hills to the west.  The SMW agree to investigate this matter further and Sybil agrees to refit them with new armor and provide some supplies.

Spider uses his gift to detect naughty intent on the speaker for the Aldermen and finds all his not well with him, in addition Conrad senses his words mask his true intent.  There is more to this than the players have been told. Angus Culdeen has just earned a mark in the SMW "Big Book of Grudges".

In other news -

<u>Narrative Developments:</u>

  • Spider reveals that although he is actually young Oswald Jewelspider and could quite possibly be a heir to the missing Karoline the Grey.
  • Conrad reveals that he has spent some time at court and was in fact a servant/agent for the missing Karoline the Grey. 
  • Anther agrees that Brother Chogan has seen the illumination upon his skin and therefore he will consider him a religious relic and therefore should be kept out of the hands of the Father Church of Aramay.

<u>Character Developments & XP Bonus's</u>

  • Stuart as Brother Chogan connects the name of a missing NPC (master at arms) with an element of his backstory – pleasing the GM no end and earning bonus 50 xp for Stuart.
  • Neil has asked if the application of casting magic can cause his character discomfort and burn into his "illumination" new elements of the design – GM approves with a big thumbs up – bonus 50 xp.
  • Stuart has asked what the basic tenets are of his faith/order – GM approves and thinks Stuart will regret this as he has drafted for him a one pager on his faith and how it fits in the game world/narrative – bonus 50xp.
  • Aidan has asked about his order and detect evil – this raised question in GM's head about creating vows for Oswald and his order which will replace the restrictions of the LG alignment. this will be ready for next session and will be agreed with player – bonus 50 xp.
  • Kyle gets bonus 50 xp for daring to ask why do I have crabs written on my character sheet – particularly in light of all the jokes aimed at Aaron over his mule envy.
  • John gets bonus 50 xp for getting in character and saying "You Bluecloak Bastard" at least four times that GM counted.
  • Aaron gets bonus 100 xp for being a good sport about the mule jokes and admitting that he had no plan beyond charging Little Kestor.
  • All players gain bonus 400xp for getting into character/narrative.
  • GM loses 500xp for thinking what he had written could be managed in 3 hours.

Chaps that was fun – thanks for joining me on the first session, as I mentioned its been a long time since I have GM'd for so many and thank you for your patience with my slips and allowing each other to take the lead from time to time.



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